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About The Puzzle

An accent wedding puzzle is a rectangular puzzle which allows you to choose the accent color that matches your wedding theme to add a highlight to the event or occasion. Guests can either sign the front or the back. Most clients have had guest sign the puzzle pieces on the front, so as they are easily framed and displayed on an accent wall. The colors we use have a matte finish with in your choice of color. We are completely open to the swapping of certain pieces or shapes or sizes for different figure pieces. The only limit is your imagination. What seems to work well with these accent wedding puzzle guests books is when clients tell us the story of how they met and we can make surprise silhouette pieces to “Tell their Story”. Feel free to enter a few blurbs that tell your story as a couple. Which could be how you met, favorite hobbies, likes dislikes etc.

Your Accent Wedding Puzzle Includes

  • The puzzle itself with your choice of sign-able pieces.
  • The correct pen for signing the front of the puzzle.
  • An engraved sign to make set up easy.
  • Stamping on the backside of each pieces so guests only sign the front.
  • The sign stand.
  • A labeled keepsake box.


Customize It

Choose Your Piece Count:

Select between 10 and 200 sign-able pieces from the drop down menu above. Larger sizes are available upon request. Accent wedding puzzle guest book pieces are typically larger than normal puzzles pieces at roughly 1.50″-2″ square. This is so guests can sign the front of the puzzle piece and leave a short note. Puzzle overall sizes and piece count are both based upon the above ratio of 1.50″ – 2″ square.

Customization Options:

1. Choose Two Initials within the Heart.

2. Choose Two Initials within the Heart and the date.

3. Choose The Date within the Heart

4. Choose The Date within the Heart and Initials.

5. Choose The Heart with the Date & Initials both outside.

6. Choose Two Initials, The Heart, & 3 Shapes

7. Other (Choose your own combination of special shapes!)

Choose the Number of Pens:

Select the number of pens you would like included with your accent wedding puzzle. The first pen is free. We recommend one pen for every 25 or so guests. We currently only stock black pens.

Select Your Choice of Signs:

Select the type of sign you would like to be included with your accent wedding puzzle. There are two type of signs that are available. A basic square sign is included with the puzzle and has a message so your guests know to sign a piece. The premium sign is much larger and more decorative. You also have the option of having the premium sign engraved with your two names.

Add Stamping:

By default “Sign Other Side” will be stamped on the back of every piece so guests know which side to sign and no signatures are lost when the accent wedding puzzle is framed. This is matter of preference, some of our past clients prefer it some do not. If you do not want stamping enter NO STAMPING with in the details box.


Color options are limitless. We have found that some clients are ok with basic colors so no color matching is needed. We have also found that some clients require custom color matching and have a specific technique that gets the best result. Once your order is placed we will match your specific color for you. Enter the color you would like to use in the Details Box as mentioned below.

The Order Notes Box:

Enter your customization details within the Order Notes box on the Checkout Page, such as your two names and the date. Make sure the information is correct that is entered into this field, we copy and paste directly from this field when we are doing designs and layouts, double check your spellings please. Enter (None) if you want no customization on your accent wedding puzzle. For example:

Mary & James 9.23.16 NO STAMPING we have two cats, a ferret, like hiking, are Yankees fans, and met at a comic book conference. We would like our accent color to be blush pink.


Aggregate Review : of Wall Woodworks Company  5 out of 5 , 423 votes , 424 reviews
October 15, 2014

It turned out beautiful and I had great customer service when I had a delivery issue

July 15, 2015

This was the best investment we made for our wedding day! Jason answered all of our questions (we had many) and was professional in every aspect of its creation.

February 8, 2021

This was AWESOME! Mom to be loved it! The only issue we had was putting it together lol but once we got it, it was amazing

May 25, 2017

Great service, great puzzle, would order again.

September 14, 2014

Fast shipment well worth my money plus well made.

August 11, 2016

Love this so much! Seller is great to work with...he made my custom puzzle just perfect! Thank you!!!

July 9, 2015

Amazing!! Jason is a true craftsman and it shows in his work. I am so glad we decided to go with his company to make this centerpiece for our wedding! Thanks Wall Woodworks!!!

May 21, 2021

Seller was super responsive and helpful throughout this process! Took us a bit to figure out how everything fit together correctly but got it! Absolutely love this! Highly recommend

July 30, 2015

WOW!!! The quality on this puzzle is nothing short of amazing!!! The fact that this is a hand made puzzle.... MIND=BLOWN!!!! I have a strong appreciation for wood work because my father is a cabinet maker and he takes pride

Kathy P.    July 30, 2015  

WOW!!! The quality on this puzzle is nothing short of amazing!!! The fact that this is a hand made puzzle.... MIND=BLOWN!!!! I have a strong appreciation for wood work because my father is a cabinet maker and he takes pride in his work, so I can truly say that I see the pride that was put into this piece! Every piece fits PERFECTLY together, this is a true masterpiece!! Thank you so much for the time you took to make this truly unique and special puzzle to add to our wedding day :) We are truly blown away!! -Kathy & Brian

September 22, 2015

I absoultely love my puzzle for guest book!!!

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