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Before Carpentry & Woodworking

Shortly after graduating high school I joined the Air Force and quickly learned the meaning of discipline. I also learned that the military will  put you were it wants you, as opposed to were you want to be. I honestly didn’t know where I wanted to be so I went along with the Air Forces’ program for a while. Then I bumped into a hobby, billiards. Then I was offered  an opportunity to play pool from the time I woke up till when I fell over at night… so I took it!

Leaving the military behind, right at the cusp of the Gulf War, I wound up in Lancaster, CA, a small town in the middle of the dessert. I lived a modern-beatnik type of a life from that point on. I spent most of my time running tournaments and visiting old smoky pool halls which were filled plenty of shady characters. After a few years of this life I had gone busted one to many times and decided it was time to head back to my roots in New Jersey.

Wall Woodworks Company - Jason K. Wall Testing a Hand plane

Jason K. Wall Testing a Hand plane.

Upon my return I acquired a job with company within the carpentry trade. I learned the basics over the course of 9 years. During that time I also felt there just had to be more to work then then the construction field. I found enjoyment spending time in the shop as opposed to in the field on a job site. I spent countless hours reading about furniture and absorbing the old ways of furniture construction. Then applying that knowledge in my spare time. Everything to do with woodworking was interesting to me in one way or another. The economy took a dive and at that point I was unexpectedly layed off.

Working to Survive

Every client mattered, every phone call mattered, & every moment mattered. I treated every potential client with dignity and respect, no matter how small or large. I answered all questions and attempted to fulfill every need in a timely matter. Which is a value I hold true still to this day.

During that timeframe my wife came up with an interesting request, they are good at this stuff! She asked, “Can you make a wood puzzle for  Chloe?” She then handed me a photo. I replied, “Sure!” But in reality I had never done this before and in the back of my mind I was thinking, “Great… another project to add to the honey-do list!”

At that point with the solid support of my beautiful wife Wall Woodworks Company was born.

I did my research and figured out the right process to go about making a wood puzzle. Once I finished my first wooden jigsaw puzzle I was completely hooked! Little did I know starting Wall Woodworks Company would be a turning point in my life long journey of making wood jigsaw puzzles. One wood puzzle turned into another and another… then they started getting bigger and bigger! I had puzzle pieces popping out of my ears! My style started developing and I learned about making special pieces in each puzzle called figure pieces. Reading about the master puzzle makers both past and present inspired me even further! Creativity is at the center of the art of wood puzzle making. No two puzzles are the same and every puzzle maker cuts them differently. The greatest joy I have on this puzzle journey is finding an original inspiring piece of artwork then taking the time to make it into a challenging, fun, and a one of a kind wood jigsaw puzzle.

Learn & Grow

Every day is an adventure and a learning experience! Wall Woodworks Company welcomes the new ideas and the challenges that face us every day. Our past and present clients have come up with some of the most creative ideas for us to apply to our puzzle making. Our focus is to provide the highest quality product at the most competitive price. We do plan on expanding in a big way this year to meet a variety of new needs as well as exponentially growing the Wall Woodworks Company portfolio for our clients. Their creative nature and broad imagination keep me on my toes. That is what makes Wall Woodworks Company so much fun for me, I love every minute! Along with those experiences the Wall Woodworks Company has cemented a few core values that helps us meet our clients high level of expectation

Fast Delivery

Delivering our products to clients early or on time is essential. You expect prompt delivery with personal care and we provide this on a daily basis.

Quality Products

Being able to manufacture the best quality products at the best price is paramount to us. Our clients value quality a great deal, so that is what we deliver!

A+ Customer Support

Having the piece of mind that when you call us, we answer is valuable these days. So many services are outsourced, to us speaking with our customers is a pleasure!

Time to get to work

A new day has started at Wall Woodworks Company which means new challenges to be met, great ideas to execute, and new clients to speak with.

On that note… its time the head to the break room at Wall Woodworks Company for a cup of coffee!!

Or many cups of coffee…

…or way to many

cups of coffee!

Have an

amazing day!

Kind Regards,

Jason K. Wall

Wall Woodworks Company