Product Policy


The Packing Process

Wall Woodworks Company’s packing process ensures that every puzzle winds up in its box and is delivered to you with all pieces present and accounted for. During our product production process every piece is cut and placed back into its location within the puzzle. The puzzle stays completely together while it is being cut ( …as well as for our own sanity purposes). Once the puzzle is completely cut we may take pictures of the puzzle for our records. Once the time comes to pack and ship that particular puzzle it is disassembled a piece at a time, inspected, cleaned and gently placed in the box. The box is then sealed by us and packed appropriately for shipping.

Squashed or Damaged Packages

We have yet to have this happen (…knock on wood.) but it may happen at some point. If by chance a package arrives that is visibly damaged, crushed, or even squashed take pictures immediately and notify us of the situation when as soon as possible. If by chance the puzzle is highly damaged it is imperative that you let us know so we can made the appropriate arrangements.

Replacements & Refunds:

Any product purchased from Wall Woodworks Company that is a stock item is eligible for a full refund less shipping.  A large portion of the products, mainly any variant of our wedding photo puzzle product line, are handcrafted one puzzle at a time and are made to order to client specifications. Due to this fact all puzzles or products that are purchased on this site which utilize any form of customization, engraving, personalization, client-provided image, photograph, graphic, name, date, shape, or design at the request of the client are non-refundable.