The Visitation Relief Center of Brick, New Jersey

We improve the process of receiving assistance & increase access to resources in times of adversity or need, by establishing partnerships with schools, businesses, non-profits, faith based organizations, and advocacy programs, which are focused on aiding us help others.

Wall Woodworks Company volunteered time and resources for the installation of various materials within the project scope provided by The Visitation Relief Center.

The Ashley Lauren Foundation

The Ashley Lauren Foundation of Colts Neck, New Jersey

Unlike national organizations that fund research, we are an independent, New Jersey based non-profit organization, working hands on with each family.  The Ashley Lauren Foundation depends on the support of the community-at-large in order to provide immediate relief for the daily burdens thrust upon those who are battling pediatric cancer.

The goal of The Ashley Lauren Foundation is to ease the journey when pediatric cancer is diagnosed by providing direct financial, material and emotional assistance, along with our many programs developed to bring smiles to the children.

Wall Woodworks Company had the privilege of manufacturing a handmade jigsaw puzzle collage for the 2013 Ashley Lauren Foundation Butterfly Ball.