AstroTurf®  – The inventor of synthetic turf.

AstroTurf is one of the most iconic brands in American sports — as legendary as the athletes who’ve battled on it. The brand that created the category is once again the leading innovator in synthetic turf. American-owned and operated, AstroTurf is the only synthetic turf brand with true vertical asset integration, ensuring that every inch of product meets and exceeds the highest standards of performance, quality and durability.

Wall Woodworks Company had the privilege of working with a local private dealer to design, manufacture, and deliver product demo sample cases used in client demonstrations.

inVentiv HealthA global, top-tier, clinical and commercial professional services company.

We’ve already challenged the status quo by combining a global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with a global Contract Commercial Organization (CCO) to create a smoother, better process. By combing the best strategic brains in the biopharmaceutical industry with the latest technologies, we’ve worked to eliminate the roadblocks, territories, fences, hand-offs and gaps that can hinder the efficiency and speed at which you bring products into the hands of those who need them most.

Wall Woodworks Company manufactured a unique puzzle for use within an award ceremony.